Grilled Tilapia Fish Wrap (Phan Pa Nin; ພັນປານິນ or ໝ້ຽງປານິນ) and Lettuce Wraps with Cockles (Phan Hoy Khaeng; ພັນຫອຍແຄງ) for lunch in Vientiane, Laos. My Aunt made the sweet and sour peanut peanut dipping sauce for the lettuce wraps.

She also bought the standard Fish Wrap Sauce (Jeow Phan Pa) from Talat Kok Pho (Kok Pho Market) in Vientiane for convenience.

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The fish wrap sauce brand is no other than Mae Daeng Sauce (ນ້ຳແຈ່ວແມ່ແດງ) that is produced in Vientiane, Laos and can be found in the major cities of the country.

It was good combination lunch with Fish and Cockle Wraps to please everyone in the household.