I weighted myself on Sunday morning and noticed I lost a kilo in three days. Since I can’t chew real well yet and with no appetite there is not much I could eat except for banana for breakfast and lunch and then drinking plenty of soy milk. I only eat one meal a day now and had to make something that I can eat. For Sunday’s dinner I decided to make goy pa and only added a few dashes of roasted chili peppers, just to test out whether or not my mouth can tolerate the spiciness.

fish soup

goy pa

goy pa

chili pepper dipping sauce

I had no problem eating the soup and had enough left over for the next day’s dinner. The goy pa was easy to eat and it’s a good thing that I don’t mind eating fish like I used to. The only mistake I made was to add one shallot to the goy pa. I woke up the next day with more rashes on my face and my arms. It looks like I will be eating plenty of fish for the next two years. After dinner I treated myself to a small carton of vanilla ice cream from Switzerland.



  1. The food looks yummy.  Did you cook them?

  2. Sabaidee Ai Amphone,

    Yes, I made the goy pa and fish soup. I called my two aunts in Laos, one in Pakse and one in Vientiane to ask them how they make their goy pa. As for the soup it was just a guessing game but it turned out nicely. 🙂

  3. Hey, what do the folk in the Netherlands eat? What is the main dish I can order in their restaurants?  I heard their food is not as cool as ours.

  4. Hi Ai Amphone,

    Dutch food is not that exciting, unless it is seafood. I haven’t eat in any traditional Dutch restaurant here. You would have to find such a place so you can eat a real "Dutch food" because since the 1970’s the country has been experiencing a food revolution from the former colony, like Indonesia.

    From my understanding, real Dutch food is quite boring with potato and fish and not much flavor. Most restaurant here have fusion food and Asian food is quite popular here. I have been eating with Dutch people and their dinner range from Chinese, Indonesian, to Thai, and Italian dishes. They pretty much eat anything I guess, anything that is not boring. 🙂

  5. Hi Darly, my guess is, it’s like the nineteenth century Chinese chop suey.  Anything go (into the pan).  What comes out is a meal.  I like to feast (Viking style).  But nothing can top my Lao food. Nothing.  Except French coffee may be.  Good day Darly.

  6. Hi Ai Amphone,

    I think you are on the right track there. They have Chinese chop suey here so I know what you are talking about. Good thing for the seafood here other than that I would die I think. Lao food is great and that’s why I packed kok and sark in the suitcase so I can have my tum all year round. Can’t imagine not being Lao and not having my Lao food.

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