I’ve been back to school for a week now. The first day of class Johan took me to school. Then I got a nice surprise with the road being blocked on the way into Leiden. We had to go up to the next exit and did a turn around. Funny how there was only like a couple of minutes that could have made a difference.

on the highway in NL

highway in NL

on the highway in NL


highway in NL

highway in NL

They must have opened up the road right after they tolled this car away. I was just happy to be able to made to school on time. Didn’t want to be late on the first day you know.



  1. ai Johan par nong Sao pai hong hien bor? Na hak na hak.  Fon ga tok eek pom.  Haung nong sao koi dey 🙂

  2. Sabaidee Ai Amphone,

    It rains almost daily these days. When there is a sun out then I am happy.

    If I am your nong sao then you now have another nong seye. Don’t worry, when Johan speeds, I yell at him.  🙂

  3. good then…study hard.  yarm hien, ya hien hak.  Hehehe…

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