It was a smooth 45 minutes flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Vientiane, Laos. When I got outside, aunt Phone and the rest of the family members were there to greet me along with Sidney and her parents. Aunt Kian was not there because she left for Pakse the day I flew to Thailand since Grand-Mama was in the hospital. No one from my mother’s side showed up because I told them it was not necessary since my flight was at night. I also told my cousin Ty Noy to stay home because she has two young children and that I would call her the next morning to tell her I arrived in Vientiane, safe and sound.

First Dinner in Laos

Even though I was not hungry, when I got home I ate with everyone because they were waiting for me to have dinner. Both aunt Phone and Sidney’s grandmother made their special dish for me. Aunt Phone made Laap Moo or Minced Pork Salad and Mair Mit made Kaeng Nor Mai or Lao Bamboo Shoot Soup. It was a nice meal and I later called aunt Kian and told her I arrived in Laos safe and sound.