Breakfast at Talat Dao Heuang (Pakse New Market) with a hot bowl of Feu Noodle Soup to start the day. Aunt Kian was shopping with other relatives to buy fruits, vegetables, herbs, fishes, meat, and other items for a Baci Ceremony.

Feu Noodle Soup

The relatives didn’t have time to eat breakfast at home. They all sat down at one of the noodle stalls at Talat Dao Heuang or Pakse New Market and picked their own noodle soup from Feu, Khao Piak, Khao Poon before completing their morning chore of grocery shopping.

The last time I sat at one of these noodle stalls was way back in 2007. I really need to make a trip down south to Pakse in the near future.


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  1. Fresh mint is a must, minus the preservative monosodium glutamate of course. Love the gelatinous noodles and everything that goes with it. Best noodles in the planet.

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