Khao Larm (Grilled Sticky Rice in bamboo tube) and Ping Kai (Grilled Chicken) bought from the festival food vendors at Tha Vat Chanh for dinner, and Khao Nom Naep for dessert tonight.

pingkai khaolarm

Today is the first day of the official three days End of Buddhist Lent Festival in Vientiane, Laos. My two aunts have been busy preparing Khao Nom Naep (sweet treat with mung bean, coconut flakes, and sugar filling) today for the Almsgiving tomorrow morning. They don’t have the time to prepare lunch or dinner and sent my cousin to buy cooked food from the local market for lunch.

Khaonom naep

For dinner, my uncle picked up Khao Larm and Ping Kai at the Mekong Riverside on his way home from work. There are plenty of food stalls set up around Tha Vat Chan for the festival attendees. If you like to eat traditional festival food like Grilled Sticky Rice in bamboo tube and grilled chicken, this is the time to eat your heart out.