Last Saturday I went to the City Market to see if anything has changed since last year. The City Market is an outdoor marketplace located north of Downtown Kansas City, near the banks of the Missouri river. It is a historic area, founded in 1857 and was originally known as the Town of Kansas. The City Market was the jumping off point for pioneers in the mid-1800s to the west. Legends like Jesse James, Doc Holiday, and Wild Bill Hickock used to play poker at the saloons and bars on Main Street.

Main Entrance to the City Market.

The City Market is a part of my family’s history. We didn’t have much when we first arrived in the country. Going to the Farmers’ Market at the City Market every Saturday was a ritual for us. It was a place where we can find organically home-grown produce, herbs, plants, baked goods, and even live animals for reasonable prices. This year I saw something that made me very happy. I found three island stalls with fruits and vegetables use in Lao Cuisine. I told my parents to not grow anything that we can easily find at the market next summer.

A basket of chili peppers for $1.00.

$1.00 for a basket of these bitter fruits or vegetables.

$1.00 for a bunch of lemon grass.

$1.00 for a bunch of string beans.

More peppers from another Laotian farmer.

$1.00 for a bundle of purple Asian eggplant.

$1.00 for a basket of small round green eggplant.

Even White farmers are selling various peppers. Yes you guess it, $1.00 per basket.

You don’t have to go far for Dutch Flowers and Dutch Stroopwafles (Syrup Waffles).