After the Morning Alms Giving and breakfast we all did the clean up as fast as possible. I changed from the Lao Sinh into a comfortable pants and helped with the dishes. Then we rounded up all the relatives that want to go to Khone Phapheng and Wat Phu. We loaded up the pickup truck with food and water for consumption on the road and headed out for some sightseeing. Aunt Kian was the only one left behind to take care of Grand-Mama.

It was a long drive to Khone Phapheng. I felt bad for the people having to sit in the back of the truck. Unlike in the US, Lao people just put a sart (Lao mattress) on the truck floor and sit down for a short or long journey. When we got to Khone Phapheng we took some family photos to send to the relatives in the USA.

Later, Bay went to order lunch at Sisavarad restaurant while I walked around like a lost tourist. One of my cousin had to hunt me down and told me it’s time to go eat lunch.