After a nice short walk before dinner, then it was time to treat myself to some good old Lao Food for Easter. I made a quick tum maak houng with khua mie and had a nice meal.

Green Papaya Salad

Fried Noodles

If I was home then it would have been a big feast with family and friends and the American version of Easter Dinner.


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  1. Hi Sao Darly,
    My name’s Austin, and I’m living in Vientiane at the moment, working on the next edition of Lonely Planet’s Laos guidebook. I came across your blog today and enjoyed looking at all the food-related content. Is there some way I could get in touch with you so I could ask you some questions about Lao food? If yes, please drop me an email, which I assume you’ll be able to see.
    Austin Bush

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