It has been awhile since I last posted here. I’ve been busy lately and didn’t get a chance to just chill and rant something. What is there to post about today? Well, I went to a Dutch pancake house the other day.

If you are ever in the Netherlands don’t forget to drop by a pancake house or pancake booth and try a pancake with your favorite toppings. The first time I came here my friends took me to a pancake house in Utrecht. This particular pancake house was right on the canal, a few steps below the streets. My friends thought I should experience the best of the Dutch traditions as much as possible.

After the pancake house, it was a trip to Volendam the next day where I ate my first raw herring! That’s another unforgettable moment to write about.

Seating area outside with a barn in the background.

Coffee beans? The Dutch must love their coffee.

I don’t know much about pancake house and how much of it is truly Dutch. As part of the university’s orientation day, going to a pancake house after a ride along the canals is part of the program.

The pancake house I went to the other day has a lot of history. It used to be a typical farm house with a barn and the decorations are related to farming or farm life. It’s a really nice place to go to during the summer since you can sit outside and enjoy the sun.

What kind of pancake did I have? Well, I’m not that adventurous so apple and banana pancake was good enough for me.