It’s truly amazing what one can find at Khone Phapheng food stalls. If you like deer meat, you can take home some deer jerky at the end of your trip.

Dried Food Khone Phapheng

dried lao fish

For those that prefer dried fish, then try a kilo of Pa Kathao. I have to warn you the smell is really strong, the kind of smell that will hit your stomach and make you run away. Well, at least it was for me and I can handle the smell of fermented fish sauce.

fermented fish sauce

Speaking of fermented fish sauce. I saw a few jars at this stall but I didn’t buy one. I was not sure if the Dutch Customs Officer will let me bring the fermented fish sauce into the Netherlands. My grandma told me if you are going to France then they let you take just about anything through customs. An uncle from Paris recently took fermented fish sauce along with dried food items that are not allowed into the US to France with him. Lucky for him!

dried deer skin

Lao deer jerky

I have seen dried beef skin before and asked the vendor if this is what she was selling but she told me this is dried deer skin. I ate deer beef jerky once as a little kid and didn’t know what type of meat it was. For some reason I can’t imagine myself eating Bambi now. Perhaps when I am really starving then I will not think of that delicious piece of meat as the cute and adorable cartoon character I have become fond of.