Is it possible for the dead to speak to you in a dream and tell you to buy the winning lottery number? I would answer that it is possible based on my experience. I will tell you about a particular dream that I would never forget for as long as I am still alive.

In Laos, my mother would buy lottery number, Lao lottery as well as Thai lottery. People in Laos play the Thai lottery by using the last three winning digits of the Thai lottery. I think it was underground lottery system but just about everyone I knew were selling and buying Lake Sarm Tho (three numbers lottery).

My mother won a few times, but only in small amount. One night I had a dream that I was playing on Wat Tad Luang’s ground. It was during the annual festival and there was a Faris Wheel right in front of me. The place was empty so being a little kid I started to walk around. Then I saw an old man, who could be someone’s grandfather. He called my name to go to him. He said he wanted to help me, to make my life better and told me to look up at the Farish Wheel. I saw two sets of number, glowing in red color light bulbs. This kind old man said to tell my mother of those numbers and all our lives would be better.

The next morning I woke up and went to my mother’s room to tell her about the dream. Since I was just a little kid I didn’t know how to tell her the two sets of numbers and I wrote them down backward for her. The set of numbers were 250 and 160. Of course being a stupid kid, I wrote down 052 for her but then 160 for her for the second set. Why would anyone write down numbers backward to begin with?

My mother bought the first set of lottery numbers, 052 and 250. Guess what? She won baskets of Lao kips for the winning 250 set. She was able to buy a refrigerator, invested some money for her pharmacy, and finance our chicken farms. She later won the second set of lottery number 160.

Our winning streak didn’t just end there. My brother Hanh had a dream later about an old man who came to visit him. The nice old man pointed to the license’s plate of my mother’s motorbike. The set of numbers became red. Hanh told my mother about the dream the next morning. I can’t recall the numbers. But one thing for sure, my mother won her third biggest winning pot for Thai lottery (Lake sarm tho).

My mother said it was my Grandfather that came into my dream. She said he must have been worried about us and wanted to help us. At the time there were talks of him haunting people at his old house in Vang Vieng. That is another story all together and I will post for Nye.



  1. I’ve never bought lottery ticket for myself before but heard that my mom also won in Laos, not by much because she didn’t have a lot of money to buy with but she shared her number so other also won, she seldom dreamed of numbers. One time she dreamed of an accident and remembered the plate number and it was as is, the exact number. She was not a lottery player, so she might had bought no more than 10 tickets in her lifetime.

    From what she told me, those that play all the time, they’d buy all the possible sets of number, shift the number around because I think it might be just to make sure that they won’t miss any possible number. I don’t play, but I’d say it all the time that if I were to win a lottery, then I’ll do this and that…I guess to appear normal, it’s seems that it’s the norm to play lottery now a day, we recently have a lottery in our state.

    Interesting how the dead would only choose to communicate with certain individuals only, I dreamed of my mom when she first passed away and she didn’t talk to me, stayed at a distance and when I reached her, I either woke up or she just vanished. My other sisters dream of my mom all the time, the one that lived with her still dream as if she were still alive and would carry on a normal conversation. When my mom first passed away, my second sister overslept, and she heard someone calling her name to wake her up, at the time she thought it was my mom, “wake up, you’re late for work,” that woke her up and she looked at her clock and rushed to work. When she got back home and asked my dad, he said that he didn’t, but they’re the only two living in that house. She died at home, and during the first 7 days of her death, we never used the white string to protect the house, my dad didn’t want her to feel unwelcome at her own home. My sister said that she never feel her presence, but mostly in her dreams.

    I visit them every weekend, they’re starting to change out some stuff such as replacing the dining room table to round one, reupholstered the sofa and love seats (done by my GI Joe sister) which they used the fabric that my mom bought before she died, their old sofas were done not too long ago. I think it’s hardest on my dad since he’s home all day, they used to go everywhere together.

    I think one LP members (you’d remember who) once said that he fears of love and relationship because of the fear of breaking up, of getting hurt, and my reply to him at the time was, even if you stay together till the end, there’s no guarantee that at the end, you both would go at the same time. This is what I’m talking about, a lot of heartache on my dad’s part, that’s just part of life, but I think having a good family support help some.

  2. My aunt in Laos told me you can still dream about your deceased relatives, that mean that they have not been reborn yet. They are still around, keeping their eyes on you.

  3. adam. Lao name Thia

    I love to hear about Laotian lottery, I was just a kid when I came to USA, but now I’m learning everything I can as a 43 yrs man. Thank you. Do you have some type of animals calender sign and have three digits number on them. 

  4. I saw 3 digits that replaced house numbers on a trailer after a family friends funeral. Saw the numbers on my phone a split second before uploading to Instagram. I freaked out when I saw the numbers on my phone and the house in front of me looking directly at it different numbers.. And I had the one whom passed nephews standing right next to me and witnessed me freak out. I bought lake sarm tho pick 3 later that evening didn’t tell anyone about it except his son since I bought the ticket for him with him at the gas station. 4-7-0 straight as a i saw it. Havent looked at lottery the same since.

  5. Hi, do anyone one of you have the Animals Lotto Chart that Laos people use?

    I think Turtle is like number 27 and Rooster is number 28, Ive googled and googled and cannot find it! haha


  6. I have the chart, I can scan it, but it’s pretty bad quality as the chart I have is a copy of a copy, and who knows how many it has been copied before that.

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