While my parents and I and the rest of the relatives were enjoying the stunning views of Khone Phapheng Waterfalls, our early dinner was being prepared by Duangmany Restaurant. One of the aunts went to order the food as soon as we arrived at the entrance gate.

Duangmany restaurant

Duangmany restaurant

Duangmany restaurant

It was a nice meal with fish minced salad, fish soup, deep fried fish, served with various herbs, vegetables, and sticky rice. Everything was made fresh with fishes caught from the fishermen at the waterfalls. It would have been a perfect if there was Tam Maak Hoong (Lao green papaya salad) to go with deep fried fish. But since I was busy taking photo and video of the waterfalls, I didn’t ask my aunt to order Tam Maak Hoong for me.

Lao Food Fish Minced Salad

Lao Food - Fish Soup

Lao Food Deep Fried Fish

By the time we finished with our meal, we were the last group to leave Khone Phapheng Falls. All the gift shops were closing and all the restaurants were shutting down as well. A couple of the fishermen brought their last catch of the day up to sell to the restaurant owner and we bought all of the fishes.


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