I had a really good dining experience at Hamachi Restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner last year and decided to go back for a second round of great food. I took Johan out for dinner on Sunday and tried the Sushi and Sashimi Menu. I chose Fried Tofu Soup and Selected Sashimi Menu while Johan chose Fried Crimped Dumplings for starter then follow with Sushi and Sashimi Mix Menu. I didn’t eat lunch and was quite hungry so I added a Selected Sushi Menu to the meal.

agedashi tofu

fried crimped dumplings



When the waitress asked to combine our orders together, I said “yes” which was not a good idea to do so. By mixing all the food together I don’t know how many pieces are in each of the menu. In the end there was enough food left for lunch the next day. I think it must be the amount in the third menu I selected.