This music video made me think of my Grand-Mama’s children. She did so much for her 4 boys to give them a good education at the highest level possible in Laos. They were bunch of Dek Ban Nork from Pakse and were transformed into fine young men at Vientiane. What did my Grand-Mama get in return? They left her to die for many years. When they did send some money, it was only to keep her alive at minimum state of living. It was a spare change for them when they can remember they had a mother. At one point in time when Grand-Mama fell many years ago and thought she was going to die, she told my aunt to not let her sons know if they ever call that she passed away if that was the case.

Why is that some Laotians are so good at Huk Pheun Phoon, Sung Nor Nell Tor or in English words, Love others but hate your own flesh and blood? I feel sick to my stomach each time I think of my Grand-Mama’s sons. Yeah, they might have a big face in the Lao community but to me they are nothing more than Louk Nay Lar Koon.