When the weather is humid and warm, a small bowl or glass of Lod Chong Nam Kati (Pandan Noodles with Coconut Milk; Nam Varn Khao Lod Chong; ນ້ຳຫວານເຂົ້າລອດຈອໆ; ນ້ຳຫວານເຂົ້າລອດຊ່ອງ) is a good treat for cooling down.

Nam Varn Khao Lod Chong

I also like this dessert after a plate of spicy green papaya salad, string bean salad, cucumber salad, or Khao Poon Nam Kati.

If I have to pick my favorite Lao dessert, Lod Chong Nam Kati or Nam Varn Lod Chong would be at the top of my list.