After I ate some Khao Piak Sen with Grand-Mama I went next door to take some photos of the cooking for Boun Loy Vanh later that evening. Aunt Nuan and her neighbors were busy making Laap Sien and Kaeng Sien for all the helpers at both houses. I was not much of a help since everyone refused my offer to do anything, even washing vegetables. They told me my job was to take photos and make video clips to send to my Papa and the uncles in the USA.

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There were many cooking tasks but it was calm and the neighbors were having fun talking about Thai drama and about life in general. After they finished wrapping Khao Tom and preparing fishes for Mok Pa and Jeuan Pa, a few of the ladies told me to go eat. I told them I ate a little bit with my Grand-Mama but they said I will have a long day so go eat some more. To be polite I walked back to Aunt Phet’s house and sat with a group of people that were there to help with Boun Loy Vanh for lunch.