As we await the full details of the crash of Lao Airlines Flight QV 301, which crashed in Pakse, Laos yesterday afternoon, my thoughts are with the bereaved families involved in this tragedy. I am shattered by the news of this monumental and unfortunate tragedy, especially as the flight also had a family member along with close friends of the family on board.

I pray for the victims of the disaster and for their families and friends to have the strength to get through this devastating time.

For any information regarding Flight QV 301, please find here below contact information.

Media: 856 20 5555 4333, 856 20 5542 4244

Victim’s family and relative 856 21 513 150 – 54

Flight Information 856 21 212 051 -54

Please visit Lao Airlines Offical Facebook page for the latest updates and to offer your message of condolence.