It’s getting darker faster now. This was what I saw when I came home from school at 19:22 hour. As the train was heading toward Rotterdam there was a sense of calmness that I couldn’t explain. It was a happy and peaceful feeling to watch the field in the distance with sheep and cows gathering around one another for the night. I tried get a good picture from the train. But with all the lights on, they didn’t turn out real well.

sunset in NL

sunset in NL

sunset in NL



  1. darly,
              since its already dark, you need a tripod and  a good location. switch your camera to manual mode and adjust your camera shutter  speed to expose for ligth longer times than normal, this shutter speed value is very important and its depend on when or where you take the picture and how much surrounding light is there.

    and dont try to point your camera to the sky when taking a scenery or lanscape picture, the auto-adjust computer chip will guess that the right aperture of image is in the sky and  the result is  you’ll get bright sky but almost-dark landscape.

    i shoot with cannon Rebel 350D (dslr) camera, it maybe difference in your case though.

  2. Hi Moo,

    Thanks for the tip. I will try your suggestion the next time. Since it was like 19:30 hour and I was getting off the train, I just pointed my camera and take a few shots while I was walking away from the platform. It was dark and walking alone had to be fast. No time for tripod or anything like that since I don’t want to get mugged you know, hehehe.

    I have a compact camera and nothing fancy like yours. 🙂

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