Whenever I go to Laos, I would make a request for my favorite dishes to be made by my relatives. I often asked for Phun Pa or Fish Wrap or Bamboo Shoot Soup.

This time, I didn’t want to bother anyone during my trip to Laos. I didn’t make a request for a special meal but rather had a take-out order from a restaurant or searched for a ready to eat meal at the local market.

lao food

Since my relatives love to eat Cockle Wrap (Phun Hoy Kheng; ພັນຫອຍແຄງ), I was treated such a dish for lunch on this particular day. I tried two version of the phun or wrap, one using lettuce and the other using cabbage as a wrapper for the ingredients. I like both ways of wrapping the cockle with various herbs, rice noodle, and the spicy sauce for topping.

lao food

lao food

If I have to choose between Fish Wrap and Cockle Wrap, I will definitely go for Cockle Wrap.

lao food

lao food

It’s a good thing I can find plenty of cockle here in Holland. I will be having this dish whenever the craving strikes me.



  1. mmmmm yummy, one of my favorite foods to pun! Hoy Kang!!!

  2. Sabaidee, for those people interested to take a closer look at Lao culture, traditions and cooking there is my new book “Lao Cooking and The Essence of Life” available for some insights, e.a. cooking as the extension and expression of Lao culture and traditions. Cooking Meditation, anyone? The book’s website can easily be found on the internet. Signed off Xaixana Champanakone
    Webmaster: is there a possibility to exchange reciprocal links? Please let me know.

  3. Webmaster: is there a possibility to exchange reciprocal links? Please let me know.
    With great pleasure, please let me know at / under which UTRL (? or whatever, my guru will do this for me) you would like me to link to you and it shall be done. Please email me at fischerzernin@gmail.com
    Kind regards

  4. Sabaidee Vincent. I already added your website site link to my site when I first read your comment from your previous visit. I’m thrilled about your cookbook and I’ll be posting about it in a couple of days.

  5. what are the steps to cooking this meal and how do you make the sauces?

  6. I didn’t do the cooking since I was a guest and my aunt and cousins did all the work. They went to Thailand and brought the cockles and after cleaning them, they boil water and just dip the cockles for a minute or two in the pot.

    The first sauce is the typical spicy and sweet dipping sauce. You can make by grounding up garlic, chili pepper, and sugar. Then add fish sauce and lime juice in the mix.

    The second sauce is Pun Pa Sauce that one can find at the local market in Vientiane. I don’t know how it is made and none of the relatives have time to show me how to make it even though they said it’s not difficult to make. They just buy their favorite brand because it’s convenient. 

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