Lately I have seen many Chinese restaurants turning to a buffet one in smaller cities beside Amsterdam. It must be a trend to keep up with all these Chinese takeout places or else you would go out of business. For 17.50 Euros you get all you can eat buffet with wok option. I went with a big plate of stir fried shrimps.

The cook at the wok asked me where I came from and if I was from Thailand. I told him I was from Laos and he said that I am his next door neighbor since he came from Vietnam, Hanoi to be precise. I thought it was unusual to have a cook from Vietnam since you can pretty much import Chinese chefs and cooks easily from either Thailand or China. The owner of the restaurant thought I was Chinese. At least he didn’t speak Chinese to me like most Chinese people that I encountered in the past. I must really look Chinese for Chinese people to think that I am one of them. When I say “huh” then they speak English to me.  🙂