So where were we before the server crashed? I think it is time to finish the series of my visit to Laos.

On my last day in Pakse, I was the first one to get up and wait for uncle Ki to pick me up. I asked him at dinner the night before if he would pick me up at 7:00 AM so I can go check out Champasak Palace Hotel and Wat Louang. It was my second time in Pakse and no one would take me to places that I wanted to go. I didn’t know when the next time I will be in Laos and decided to take action.

crossing a bridge in Pakse

an old house in Pakse

a river in Pakse

It was a beautiful morning and a perfect day to take lots of pictures. Here we are waiting for a stop light to turn green so we can cross the bridge. The house next to the river was a place for teenagers to hang out, including my father and many of my relatives in the 1970’s.

Champasak Palace Hotel

DJ at Champasak Palace Hotel

Champasak Palace Hotel

Champasak Palace Hotel

Champasak Palace Hotel

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