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Ban Ling San Boat Race
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Ban Ling San Boat Racing Festival

My uncle has a passion for Boun Suang Heua (Boat Racing Festival). He would travel around the country whenever he could to attend Boat Racing Festival in various provinces of Laos. With work and family he can’t attend all of the races but would make sure he could go to […]

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Jumping frogs

Live frogs at Luang Prabang Morning Market. I can’t remember what frogs taste like, maybe like chicken? The last time I ever eaten frogs was when I was a little kid living in Vientiane, Laos. I can recall my parents made frog stew and Pon Kop, which is like Pon […]

Songkran in Laos
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Pre-Boun Pi Mai Lao

My relatives in Luang Prabang were telling me about how the kids in the neighborhood were getting excited about celebrating Boun Pi Mai Lao. Many school children were throwing or splashing water during lunch break and right after school as early as a week ahead of the Lao New Year […]