For the last three weeks, I’ve been eating tum maak houng (Lao green papaya salad) at least once a week. I can’t seem to get enough of it yet. I have a thing about eating something that I like. I will keep on eating the same thing until I have enough of it.

After a visit to the A-Team and having tasted their delicious tum maak houng, made with fermented fish sauce (pa deak), I decided to be brave and used fermented fish sauce in my recipe. The result? Well, here it is:

This batch was from Thursday. This time I used nam pa (fish sauce) instead of fermented fish sauce (padek).

When I am not eating tum maak houng, I would be eating tum maak dteng (Lao cucumber salad). This one is made using regular cucumber and with fermented fish sauce.

For lunch today I used pickling cucumber instead.