A few years ago I ordered my Lao stamps online from Philagenta and County Stamp Center. If you are interested in ordering Lao stamps or other stamps then check out their website for some good deals.

As fate would have it, I found another website to expand my Lao stamps collection last month. It was a great joy for me to have found collect4all.com, which is based in Den Hague, Netherlands. They were having special sales so I placed an order from the Ultra Sale category.

Lao Stamps

Lao Stamps

I ordered 200 items on April 26, 2009 and received a great bargain that I would not be able to find anywhere on the net. If you buy 126 items or more, then the price per item is 75 Euro cents. The total for 200 Lao stamp items was 414.95 Euros before discount. After the Ultra Sale discount, the total price  was 150 Euros. I got additional 5% discount for registering with the site which brought the total down to 142.50 Euros. Additional cost was for shipping and handing at 3.75 Euros plus 5.75 Euros for registered mail. I would advice anyone ordering stamps online to have the package send by registered mail. That way you will have a peace of mind. Even my Lao stamps package from Laos was sent via registered mail.

Lao Stamps

Lao Stamps

Lao Stamps

Lao Stamps

Within a few days of ordering from collect4all, I received my Lao stamps on April 29, 2009 all intact. I am very pleased with the products and service and made a second order with them a few days later so I can have two sets of each item.

Since I had a good experience ordering Lao stamps from three websites mentioned above, I want to share them with you. We can’t all go to Laos to get our stamps so this is the next best thing, especially when you can get great bargaining deals. Happy collecting!



  1. Hello,

    I am 26 from India.I want the Peacock minisheet, how can we swap this one. please let me know.

    Prasad from India !

  2. Hi Prasad,

    If you are talking about the Peacock Miniature Sheet from 2000 then I don’t have that one either. I asked my aunt in Vientiane last month to look for one for me at the main post office but it was sold out.

  3. Hello DJ,

    hmmm……I was trying for nature Laos stamps , i mean Animals, flowers and Birds, Butterflies. I have similar ones from India if you need.

    I had a friend called Thammavong Inthasone, she use to exchange snailmail with me and we exchanged few letters and i missed her one day. No email, no letters, may be she left from the place.  I am trying to find a good friend in this context.

    please email me at : meet2greet@yahoo.co.in

  4. Hi Prasad,

    I just started my Lao stamps collection and trying to get 1 of each and then have extra. I am thinking about collecting also on other theme like flower, food, buttery, fish and such.

    Collecting stamps can get quite expensive but it’s a good hobby and I try to take on what I can. I understand your passion and I’ll see if I can help you in some way.

  5. Hello DJ,

    That is ok. Yes, stamp collecting can be prohibitively expensive.

    I am looking for the Orchids, Butterflies set. I have no idea how costly they are.Also,if you can help, i would love to get the Peacock minisheet of 2000. Just in case there is a chance to find it.

    Keep Collecting!

  6. Hi Prasad,

    I found the 2000 Peacock miniature sheet for 4.00 Euro at Philagenta. I don’t have this in my collection yet, maybe in the future.

    I bought from them a few years ago one 2000 Orchids miniature sheet for 4.50 Euro.

    As I was a student, buying Lao stamps was a luxury and my collect is based on snail mails from Laos from my relatives to my parents. I then asked them for the stamps.

    Now that I can ask my aunts to go to the main post office in Vientiane, I think it would be cheaper to get some stamps from Laos and only have to pay the regular prices, plus shipping from there.

    I was in Laos twice and didn’t make it to the post office. It would have been great to check out what they have and then bought all that I could. It’s good that I can ask my aunt to go hunt down the stamps for me but she is over 60 years old and trying to explain each individual stamps to her over the phone is not easy since she doesn’t understand what I am talking about half of the time.

    Since you like stamps so much you should post about them and share your collection with other passionated collectors. You can register for a free blog at wordpress and start posting away.

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