A set of butterflies stamp from Laos issued on 05 May 1982. Printed by The National Printing Works, Havana, Cuba. It’s missing one stamp with 5 Kip value in the photo below.



  1. hi Darly,

    We are just back from Luang Namtha, where we presented the cookbook to the cooks. They were pleased, and especially happy to hear so many people around the world now have read about their food and their life.

    Anyway, about butterflies. the Boatlanding Guesthouse, on which most of our recipes are based, have planted a wonderful garden, with lots of flowers, which of course attract many butterflies. I was astounded at the size of some of these, especially some black and white ones. And they’re not shy either, but fly quite close up to people.

    I enjoy the fact that Laos is still using original image post stamps. I’ve been mailing a lot of packages from Thaialnd recently, and they just past on a computer generated black and white ‘post stamp, without images. Seems a bit of tradition is getting lost.

  2. Hi Kees,

    Congratulations on the cookbook, a perfect time for Christmas gift and I’ll be adding Food From Northern Laos to my wish list. I collect all Lao cookbooks out there which is quite limited and very happy to see unique dishes from the north of Laos.

    Boun That Luang is coming up and I wonder if the books will be on display at the festival? It’s in English so that would make a great buy for tourists wanting to explore more of Lao food.

    Speaking of butterflies, I see postcards in the making from the garden.

    Yes, for stamp collectors like me we would like to have real stamps, not those automated printouts for package.

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