Aunt Kian and Aunt Phone decided to build a new kitchen and a bathroom. The house was built in 2001 but was not quite complete with modern bathroom and kitchen with hot running water. When you do anything in Laos, it’s mostly done in cash. With my help they were able to start the new project in July. For religious or superstitious reason, they told me that you have to do it in the even month so July is actually the 8th month in Lao calendar.

Aunt Phone was shocked to find how expensive it is to buy supplies for the kitchen and bathroom project. She said the price has more than triple in the last few years because of the higher fuel cost and because of the construction boom in Vientiane and all over Laos.

I’m not surprised at all to hear of such thing since I can recall reading about how Laos ran out of cement last year because so many people were building new houses.