It was October 25, 2008 and day 20 of my two months in Laos. I was still under the weather and have not been eating much. Aunt Kian bought Khao Jie Pate for breakfast. She and Aunt Phone wouldn’t take no for an answer and sat there watching me eat my food. I did the best I could and took a few bites. It had hot sauce on and was burning my throat so I picked the soft part of the bread and a few pieces of meat. Then it was more cold/flu medication and a couple of hours of rest before we had to go to Talat Sao for home appliance shopping.

Mair Mit came by to pick up Aunt Phone and the four of us went to Talat Sao for a few hours of shopping. My first priority was to check out Talat Sao Mall Food Court and to look for a Khene for my younger brother. For Aunt Phone and Aunt Kian, their only purpose was to find the perfect washer and a water heater for the upstair bathroom.

We spent about half an hour walking around Talat Sao Mall and the only thing the three of them bought was Lao music VCD with dance lesson.