What is there to do after dinner during the week nights? One place that is usually stay open late is a bowling alley. I have never been bowling before in my entire life so Fong thought it would be cool if we hit the bowling place that he used to go. He said it is a place where mostly farangs tend to hang out. When we got there Fong parked his SUV under the gigantic Bodhi tree. Here comes the scary part of the post if you are into ghost story and I think Nye aka Ginger will love this.

bowling in Vientiane

DJ bowling in Vientiane

bowling in Vientiane

bowling in Vientiane

Before we got out of the vehicle I got a call from my mother asking me where I was and if I was done with dinner. I told her where we were. My mother said I should go home right away and that they had just came back from dinner and wanted me home. She said I shouldn’t be out too late. It was not even 21:00 hours at the time. I told my mother that I would be home soon.

Fong and I got out of the SUV and he said my mother was very strict but since I am in Laos don’t know when I will be back again. He said staying out an hour more wouldn’t hurt. He started to lock the car but it wouldn’t lock. He tried several times but the door kept opening when he pulled it. As we stood under the bodhi tree and listening to the wind and watching the bodhi leaves shake back and forth, Fong started to get scare. He was getting goosebumps all over and started to pray, asking for permission to park there.

As for me I thought about the phone call from my mother not wanting me to stay out late and thought about my deceased Grandmother. I thought maybe she was watching over me and doesn’t want me to be in danger and wanted me to go home. I suggested to Fong to move the SUV to a different spot. He did and prayed for permission to park at the new spot, away from the bodhi tree. He had no problem locking the vehicle at the new parking spot. Fong then said a prayer of thank and we pretty much ran toward the building.
I still can’t figure why the SUV wouldn’t lock. I even helped Fong pushed the remote key and the lights came on, signaling that the car is locked. But when I pulled on the door to check if it’s lock, then it’s not. Using the key to lock didn’t work either. It locked the SUV but when I pulled on the door to check, it came open! I don’t believe in ghost or anything but after 15 minutes or so of trying to lock the door of a brand new SUV with no success, it kinda made me wonder if something or someone really didn’t want me or us to be there.



  1. Gosh, that’s not scary; I thought I’d be reading something like this,

    All of a sudden, I heard some noises from the top of the Bodhi tree, as if the branches were breaking off and heard a sudden drop from the tree. At the time I didn’t know what to think, but what ever it was, it was huge. I’m not sure of what really happened, but all of a sudden, there were dense fog that formed underneath the Bodhi tree. The fog got thicker and formed into something that look like a giant size human, almost half the size of the Bodhi tree and the head was almost as big as the ceramic pot (oungk nom), long messy hair covered the white face but the eyes and lips were bright red. That thing smiled at me, its mouth opened until I could see the white teeth and it looked straight at me. I stood there froze, still confused of what really happened. The thought ran through my mind of all the possibility of what this might be, as soon as I realized that it might be a ghost, I got so scare, I covered my face and started to scream.

    Then Fong took off running…lol. 😛

  2. Nye, you are so funny. LOL. I’m going to tell Fong that he is such a baby. If I ever see anything like what you have just described, I don’t think I will be able to come back and tell you a story. I would die of shock or go insane.

    I used to be scare of the Bodhi tree for years as a kid. I had a couple of bad experiences in reference to the tree. One time was when my teacher’s house was hit by a branch of the tree. When I walked to visit her I used to be scare of those gigantic trees.

    Also at Wat Nong Bonh there were so many of the trees along the walls of the temple. When you first enter the temple the location of where dead people are cremated is to the left with all the trees. I had to walk pass those trees at night to take English classes after dinner. When my sister passed away, I was so afraid that she would haunt me because of some fights we had before. I also had to walk by those trees at the back of the temple for typing lesson. My English classmates used to scare me by jumping out from the dark behind the Bodhi trees. They also told me that when I walk under the tree at night and hear all the noises, that’s the noises from all the ghosts at the temple! They were older than me and were boys so I was expected to be pick on. After English class, I would run home so fast until I can see the street lights. But I didn’t want to quit the English lesson and never told my parents about how afraid I was of the ghost.

    So, when I was standing there with Fong, I told myself, you are not a kid anymore, don’t be scare of the noises, the wind, and all the shadows at night time. Interestingly there was a little Tad near the tree with bit and pieces of offering.

    I noticed that people in Laos will have a mantle or Tad so they can make offering and ask for good business.

  3. Oh, if you’re going to tell Fong, don’t forget this part, “I (or Fong) pee in my (or his) pants, before taking off running.” LOL, you might want it to be Fong, most people when they get scared, they’d pee in their pants.

    I’m not sure what’ll happen to me if I were to see a real ghost, might say, “Is that all you can do? Show me more tricks so I can write about it.” Lol, I think it’d be fun meeting Fong; he seems like a cool guy. 🙂

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