It was almost noon when Aunt Kian and I returned home from a hardware store. I wanted to go check out Boun Katin at Wattay Yai since I saw a parade entering the temple when we were heading to Talat Sao earlier. Aunt Phone told her children to take me to the temple and the teenage neighbors joined us as we walked to Wattay Yai. We got there too late and missed the best part of the boun.

After spending 30 minutes walking around and taking photos I was a bit worn out and ready to go back. Wattay Yai is only a few minutes walk away so I thought I can always go back later to check out the place in details later. It was a good thing that I went to the temple that day because I didn’t get a chance to visit Wattay Yai again. Let’s save it for the next visit to Laos.