Boodschappen doen translates into English as “grocery shopping” and it’s a sight to witness in the Netherlands. Many Dutch do their grocery shopping a few times a week with a small list during the weekdays and a big shopping on the weekend.

Many stores are closed on Sunday here as part of religious tradition (Sunday Church service) and also due to the workers union (not working on Sunday) so on Saturday it can get quite busy and chaotic at shops and grocer stores. The majority of shops closed at 17:00 hour while grocery stores closed at 18:00 hour on Saturday. Luckily there are few 24 hours convenient stores that are open 7 days a week but it’s more expensive to shop there.

I always find it fascinating to see mothers with their baby strolls and their stack of food and then old ladies on their bicycles with food and flowers in the basket. Then there are people like me carrying grocery bags and those with grocery carts. It’s a handy invention mostly use by older people putting all their shopping in a cart that resembles a standing suitcase with wheels.

As for me I like to go to the grocery store daily and buying only what I need for one day. It’s a good exercise and there are plenty of distractions along the way to keep me busy like pretty flowers, trees, birds, or just observing people on the streets.