When in Laos, eat like the Lao people. With that saying I was given a spoonful of Laap Leud Ped or Duck Blood Salad by my cousin in Vientiane during my last trip to Laos.

Duck Blood Salad

I showed up for my first three days stay at my aunt’s house before taking a trip to Vang Vieng and was greeted with various Lao dishes. My cousin just had her first baby (a girl) and was going through her first month of the Lao birth rituals. One of the practice is receiving guests on a daily/nightly visits and having to feed those guests while they are there playing cards (Linh Phai) for a month.

On this particular day, the father’s relatives were visiting and they brought two ducks for lunch. So, it was Ping Ped (BBQ duck) and Laap Ped (minced duck salad, cooked version and one with duck blood) for lunch.



  1. My wife tried this when we were staying in a village near Ban Hom, close to Vientiane. I thought she was very brave and I did not try it. She did not like it much I think it is just the thought of it.

  2. Can you tell us the ingredients that were put in the bbq duck and the laab??

  3. BBQ seasoning with garlic, lemongrass, Lao galanga, chili pepper, fish sauce, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, fish sauce and the notorious MSG, which is optional. You can use soy sauce instead of oyster sauce. 

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