We arrived at Ban Nong Hoy a little bit after 2:00 PM. It is a small village but many people from Pakse were there to join the festival. We missed the morning activities but got there in time for the gathering at the center of town for food and dancing. I stood at the top of the river bank and took as much photos and clips as I could and decided to go check out the boats below after a couple of minutes of debating with myself. I was feeling so weak and felt like I was going to pass out but told myself if I don’t go down by the water then I might regret it later.

After taking enough photos I asked Aunt Phone and Uncle Khao if we could go buy some water to relief my throat. Uncle Khao later bought some BBQ squid and we all sat in a Jumbo and waited for the others. I was too worn out to go join the party and had no appetite for khao phoon and whatever else they were serving at the boun. Aunt Phone noticed the beautiful string beans in someone’s garden and asked the owner if she could buy some from her garden. We then sat and talked about many things and made a phone call to Aunt Kian to check on Grand-Mama and talked some more. Well, I was doing the listening for the most part.