Homemade Bamboo Shoot Soup with sponge gourd luffa for lunch in Vientiane. There is no meat or fish in the soup and enough sponge gourd and phak kayang (rice paddy herb) to complete the dish. Another way of making this soup is using pumpkin instead of luffa.

Lao Food - Bamboo Shoot Soup with Sponge Gourd

When I think of Keng Nor Mai or bamboo shoot soup, it reminds me of the time I spent with my deceased grandmother in Vientiane, Laos. She loved to make this soup and Jeow Padek to go with it. My task was to pick herbs from her garden to go with the soup and the jeow.



  1. My #1 all time favourite dish :p

  2. It’s a number 1 dish for me too but a tie with green papaya salad. Do I have to choose? 🙂

  3. Sabaidee! Can you post the recipient, that’s look very good!!

  4. Making my mouth water!!! I love kaeng nor Mai with quail eggs also.

  5. Can I get a recipe?

  6. You can try this Lao Bamboo Shoot Soup recipe from SBS Food, which is in video format. Another good Bamboo Shoot recipe is from Traditional Recipes of Laos by Phia Sing (Royal Cook in the Royal Palace at Luang Prabang). I have this cookbook and recommend to you if you would like to try out more recipes.

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