Kaeng Nor Mai Kaeng Hed

Bamboo Shoot Soup, Mushroom Soup

Buying Bamboo Shoot Soup (Kaeng Nor Mai; ແກງຫນໍ່ໄມ້) and Mushroom Soup (Kaeng Hed; ແກງເຫັດ) at Kok Pho Market (Talat Kok Pho; ຕະຫຼາດກົກໂພ) in Vientiane, Laos to have for lunch.

Kaeng Nor Mai

Kaeng Hed

Kaeng Hed

Kaeng Hed

When my relatives are all busy to make a meal, I usually make a stop by the local market and pick out various dishes to take to their house for lunch or dinner. I don’t mind eating like the locals. Most of the time, this is where the most delicious and fresh cooked food are to be found for a fraction of the price at a fancy restaurant.

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