After breakfast my uncle went to pick a handful of Yod Bai Kee Lek or the soft stems of cassia leaves. I’ve noticed how all the relatives grow many fruits and vegetables on their land like mango, papaya, tamarind, pak katin, and mak thua hair for example. Some of the big trees give shades to the animals as well as to the relatives themselves during a hot and sunny day. I wanted to go pick Bai Kee Lek with my uncle but had to do the dishes.

When my uncle came back to the kitchen I took a few photos real quick before putting the leaves in a plastic bag. We have Bai Kee Lek, Nung Khouay, and Khai Mod Deng to take to Mair Yar’s house so the relatives can make Kaeng Kee Lek for lunch. I was eager to see how my father’s favorite dish is made from scratch.