I woke up at 7:30 AM this morning and was ready for the first day of school. While I was organizing my backpack I realized that my wallet was nowhere to be found. I started to panic and did my best to retrace my steps, in hope to figure out where my wallet went. I have never lost my wallet before in my entire life (so far) so it was quite scary to know how careless I could be to loose one of the most important things in my life. Let’s see what’s in the wallet shall we? Hmmm…student card, health insurance card, residence permit, a bank card, Chef Vienne’s business card, and 200 something Euros. How the heck am I going to get to school with no money?

The last place I had my wallet out was at a restaurant in Friesland last night. But then I recall having touched my wallet while searcing for the extra memory card in my boyfriend’s car on the drive back. I told myself not to panic and gave Johan (my boyfriend) a call. I asked him to search his car to see if I left it there somehow. It turned out that while I was searching for the extra memory card I fell asleep and the wallet fell out of my purse. It was lying on the right side of the seat by the door. It was a good thing that it didn’t fall out when I got out of the car.

Johan saved the day and drove from his workplace to bring my wallet to me and I was able to get to school on time. I even had the chance to go by the University Bookstore to pick up the textbooks before class. I walked all the way from Leiden Centraal Station to the book store to get some exercise. On the way back I took the bus because I didn’t want to be late and also to give me a few minutes to eat lunch.

What a day I have had. I’m not even going to list the things that went wrong after the search for the missing wallet. I told myself to look for positive things and smile. If not then I will cry.

Here are some pics I took from earlier today.


A very old windmill, which is now a museum, a few minutes walk from Leiden Centraal Train Station.

Webster University, Leiden

A canal in the center of Leiden with Webster University on the right side.

English Pub in Leiden

A very well known English Pub in town.

Bookstore in Leiden

Kooyker Book Store, where I get all of my Social Science textbooks.

Leiden University

Part of Leiden University building.

Leiden University

Social Science Department building, where all my classes are held.



  1. I lost my wallet on the Bus 11 from central station to Hooigtraich. I remember that I put it on the sit because my phone was ringing and I forgot it when I came out because I had a suitcase and I was still talking on the cell and then I cannot find it and there is no one that can help. The people on the train station were so rude and the same with the driver of the 11 bus next day and I have everything there the most important thing is my residence permit. What can I do is it true that here they are really nice and I am going to get it eventually or should I just give up?

  2. Hi Yshya,

    I am sorry to hear that you lost your wallet. I hope you’ll be able to recovered it, especially our residence permit. I found most people are nice but it’s like that everywhere in this world. Sometimes you’ll run into someone not so nice and so helpful and down right rude and mean to you. Keep trying at the lost and found counter and you just might get lucky but if someone took it, I don’t know if that person would be nice enough to drop your wallet off and took only valuable stuff.

    Please be sure to make copies of everything you have so it will be easier to get a replacement for your card. Those that helped you get your residence permit should be able to help you get a replacement.

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