Baby Duck Eggs (Khai Louk Ped) as appetizer before dinner in Vientiane, Laos. There were guests coming to the house that evening for a small reunion. The male guests were having a craving for Baby Duck Eggs and BeerLao and made a request in advance for their favorite treat to be served at the party.

Baby Duck Eggs for sale at a market in Vientiane

Aunt Kian bought the baby duck eggs from Sikhay Market at a reasonable price, 10 eggs for 15,000 Kip and had my cousin Khek slowly cooked the eggs for hours before the guests arrived.

There were less matured fetal duck eggs and more matured ones served to the guests. The more developed egg looks a bit scary since you can see the eyes of the baby duck developing already. But those men didn’t mind at all and washed their baby duck eggs down with ice cold BeerLao.