I had a long day today since it was the first day of class. While waiting for my first class to begin I spent some time surfing at one of the computer labs at school. Then it was standing in the hall waiting for the class to start. I think it is a bit strange for other Asian students to stare me up and down and then to give me a smile or just to ignore me completely. Today, it was no exception. As I stood there, this one Asian guy who was standing next to me gave me a nod and a smile after he checked me out. Another Asian guy walked out from the class as he was headed somewhere but made a complete stop right in front of me and asked me a question, more like one word question with “Asian?” and when I said “yes” to him, he then went on with “Thailand?” but when I said “Laos” he said “Oh, Laos, nice to meet you” and extended his right hand to me.

I found this meeting with the two Asian male students to be somewhat amusing. When I got inside the class there was this guy that came up to me while I was trying to get a seat and said “Nice to meet you, my name is….” and I had no choice but to be nice and polite. Let’s just say that I made a new friend today. I also met three other Asian girls in the class. The only reason they spoke to me was to ask for my reader so they can make a copy. They refused to buy a reader which costs 33.40 Euros and said it is too expensive. Later, they spoke among themselves while asking if they could look at my reader. Then they were conversing between English and what I thought was Chinese about who they could borrow the reader from.

In the end they asked me and with the Chinese guy they went off to make a copy while I waited with my new friend. In the end I couldn’t find them at the copy machine. So, the lesson is that sometimes you should just say no. I made a suggestion to them that one of them should buy a reader and a book for the class and then share among themselves. But I guess it would be cheaper to just borrow it from me.

I just love the start of a new school year. It’s going to be a great year for me, I can feel it. 🙂