After a little shopping at Talat Lak 14, we went by Champasak Hospital to drop off some bananas for the relatives and headed home. We were surprised to find Pa Dee and Loung Vanh from Ban Paling waiting for us. They came to town so they can go to Champasak Boat Racing Festival with us on the following day and to make khao thom for Boun Ok Phansa.

Pa Dee and Loung Vanh brought some jee lor which I have no idea what it is in English. They look scary and their legs look like they can scratch your throat if you are not too careful. If I can remember correctly this is something that my siblings and I used to look for when we were living in Laos. We had to dig (kout jee lor) for them when we were living by Bung That Luang. I was about in the second grade then so I can’t recall having catch much of them.

The men and women tend to eat jee lor with their Beer Lao so it is a snack or gaim beer kind of a dish. For those starving individuals, these jee lor would be a big meal for an entire family.