Last Thursday and Friday a member of and friend Yong came to Amsterdam with her family. I was the unofficial tour guide. On the first day we went to the Dam Square, Bijenkorf Mall, China Town, and the outside skirt of Red Light District (we walked briskly by). Our first meal together was interesting to say the least. I was introduced to duck’s feet and beef tripe as part of Dim Sum menu.

I was waiting for Yong’s train (Thalys) from Paris to arrived.

Amsterdam Central Station

The Dam Square with the National Monument and De Bijenkorf Shopping Center.

Dam Square in Amsterdam

Beef Tripe Dim Sum

Beef Tripe Dim Sum

Duck’s Feet Dim Sum

Duck’s Feet Dim Sum

The first street or the last street of the Red Light District.

Amsterdam Canal

Please visit Laoplanet’s Gallery for more pictures of Yong in Amsterdam.


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