After Boun Loy Vanh it was time to sit and talk and visit with one another. Grand-Mama was in pain so I asked her if she was taking any medication. She told me there is no medication for her to take and that she uses some sort of oil to rub the knees and legs for the pain to go away. I asked my aunt K if it was proper for me to give Grand-Mama what I brought for her so that she doesn’t think I had no gift for her.

Before I went to Laos I asked my aunt K what is needed for me to bring. She told me if it is possible to buy Grand-Mama a blood pressure measurement. Aunt K said the family has been asking for such a device from my uncles in the US but was told that it was too expensive and would run them over $200.00. I was confused as to the reason why they (the uncles) didn’t get together and buy a blood pressure monitor for my Grand-Mama. With four sons in the US, they can easily get together and come up with a money for like $50.00 per person and buy a medical device that can help their mother.

I felt really sad that my aunts had to depend on me for a simple thing like that. When I went to a shop to buy vitamins and paracetamol for my Grand-Mama, Johan was kind enough and bought a blood pressure monitor for my Grand-Mama. When I gave it to her I told her that it was a gift from Johan and she was really happy to know that my boyfriend care enough about her even though he has never met her before in his life.

I was really happy to know that I was making a difference in Grand-Mama’s life. When I noticed how dry her skin was I asked her if I can lotion her legs and feet. Then I told her in Dutch tradition we would give someone that we care about three kisses on both cheeks. I said to her that I don’t care if none of her grandchildren would dare to give her a kiss and that I am her international grand-daugther and would like to show her how much I love her and care for her. Then I gave her three kisses like the way the Dutch people do. After that I used my lotion on her legs and feet and gave her three kisses on her feet with three nop to go along with them. I didn’t see anything wrong with that since I kiss little children on their feet all the time when I take care of them. Why not kiss my own Grand-Mama and show her some love?

I then asked my Aunt K to lotion my Grand-Mama’s body since I didn’t think it was proper for me to do so. I don’t know if that was inappropriate and out of Lao customs and traditions but I didn’t really care. I love my Grand-Mama and that was my way of showing my love for her, the best way I know how.