After we left Khone Phapheng, we decided to stop by a temple on a hill before continuing our journey to Wat Phu. I can’t recall the name of this temple but the beauty of this place is hard to forget. I was told that a Thai Princess donated a sum of money for the restoration of the temple. Since it’s considered a sacred ground we had to leave our shoes behind and walk up to the temple on a hot concrete ground. There were plenty of children selling flowers and incense to visitors of the temple. Since it was Wednesday I thought these kids should be in school. Perhaps they were on holiday break.

Bay took a picture of me on the steps of the temple.

Later Bay asked me to follow her. She showed me a new sala that was recently built. The view was stunning and for a few seconds I could imagine how much beautiful a heaven on Earth could be and this place would not be far from my imagination.

I had to use the zoom feature on my digi-cam and was worried about the quality of the photos. They turned out pretty good in the end.