A few weeks ago my relatives in Vientiane were invited for a visit at Papaya Garden at K50 or Lak 50. It was a day full of fun for the kids and adults. My cousins were having fun feeding and playing with the animals. They got to ride on the the wagon and helping with collecting papayas. All the relatives that went for the visit all got enough papayas and bananas home and for the next two weeks they were eating green papaya salad and ripe papaya.

Papaya farm in Laos

Papaya farm in Laos

Papaya farm in Laos

This green papaya salad became part of a lunch that day.

green papaya in Laos

green banana in Laos

The relatives on the garden also went fishing for shrimps and made the famous Sao Noi Disco, tum maak houng, and BBQ goat. Aunt Kian said she was not tough enough and ate the cooked Sao Noi Disco, rather than the raw one in the picture below.

Cows in Laos

Goat farm in Laos

shrimps in Laos

Dancing Shrimps

From the look of it, they sure had a good meal there. I would have joined in for some Sao Noi Disco and delicious tum maak houng. Not sure I would eat the BBQ or grilled goat though, not after having said hi to them.

The next time I am in Laos I hope to be able to visit this garden. Now that I have found relatives on my Papa’s side of the family, I need to spend a few months in Laos visiting them all. So many places to go and so many people to see, but not enough time and money is a sad thing for me. That’s almost like whining poetry. 🙂