I went to the dentist a week ago for the routine check up. My dentist insisted that I must do some reconstruction work. It is very difficult for him to clean my teeth. A dental hygienist has to do the extra cleaning for me annually. I’ve talked to the dentist before about getting braces. He wanted to start the work before I went to Laos but I was not ready yet.

I don’t know if I want to go through with this. The insurance will cover about 800 Euros and I will have to pick up the rest of the bill. The dentist wanted to set up a meeting with other consultants. He said they might have to pull out one tooth so they can do some major reconstruction to get my teeth straighten.

I have a big decision to make. The work will take more than a year with a monthly check up. When my resident permit expired and if I can not renew it, then the dental work will have to be pick up in the US.