1997 Lao Stamp to congratulate Lao PDR’s admission into ASEAN from Postes Lao July 23, 1997.

1997 Admission of Laos to ASEAN Stamp

1997 Admission of Laos to ASEAN Stamp



  1. Hello Sao, Sabaidi
    I very enjoy reading about Lao stamps and your collection. I also collect Lao stamps and want to share with others. I appreciate if you contact me via my private email address.

    Sok Di Pimai

  2. My father also has a stamp collection, its been on our wall in London for many years.

    Next time I go to the UK, I´ll take a photo.


  3. Hi Eli,

    Thank you for your visit. I’m just starting my Lao stamps collection and have a limited set and hope to add more in the future.

    Sok Di Pi Mai to you too. You are not Lao are you?

  4. Hi Laocook,

    Yes, please take some photos and post about it later. I sure would like to see what kind of stamps your father has been collecting all these years.

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