Miss Laos 2011 Beauty Pageant

Who will be crowned as Miss Laos 2011? Tonight is the night at Don Chan Palace Hotel in Vientiane, Laos when we will find out the winner of the third Miss Laos or Nang Sao Lao Beauty Queen. I have been too busy this year to pay attention closely to all the contestants. Last year when I was in Laos for one month, I met all the Miss Laos 2010 Beauty Pageant Contestants at That Luang Festival. I left one week too early and was not able to witness the contest live.

Perhaps I will be able to see Miss Laos 2012 Beauty Pageant up close next year in Vientiane, Laos. For now I can only watch Miss Laos Beauty Pageant on Lao Star Channel.

Miss Laos 2011 Finalists Contestants

Miss Laos Beauty Pageant

Who are your favorite contestants? There are few exceptionally beautiful Sao Lao on the list. Before the end of the night, we will know which one of the above contestants is Miss Laos 2011. Photos Copyright Miss Laos 2011.

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