Larb Moo and Kaeng Moo

Beef prices are quite high in Vientiane, Laos at the moment for the average working people. The alternative to beef for many people are pork and pork fat to feed the family. Aunt Phone loves to eat pork meat and has been making Larb Moo (Minced Pork Salad) for lunch and dinner like once a week last month.

Larb Moo

kaeng moo


khao niao

For dinner on this particular night, it was Minced Pork Salad with Pork Soup as the usual. The only vegetables were sliced cucumber, lettuce, Lao eggplant (Mak Khua), and Phak kadao. There was plenty of freshly made sticky rice (Khaoniao) to go with Larb Moo and Kaeng Moo.

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