Lao Wedding Dress and Lao Silk Skirt

Lao wedding dress

After checking out a few booths with Lao sinh display and not finding anything that I like, we found a Lao Wedding Booth and Melisa Pha Mai (Lao Silk Shop) with beautiful items on display. I was in shock to know how expensive a set of Lao Wedding Dress could be and could run up to more than a thousand dollars easily, depending on what you are looking for.

My sister wanted a Lao Sinh in red and gold colors and I noticed two that thought were beautiful in design. It is made of Mai Morn, a style that is currently popular and I have seen a girl on Lao Telecom Calendar wearing this type of material. I was too busy taking photos to notice Kai of Over Dance band standing next to me. She was commenting on a pink dress next to the Lao Sinh I was looking at and I didn’t even look at her.

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20 Comments on “Lao Wedding Dress and Lao Silk Skirt

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  2. I would like to purchase one of this dresses
    how do i do that please let me know

    thank you

  3. Hi Teresa,

    If you are looking for Lao silk skirts or blouses, then you can try contacting Melisa Phamai at in Vientiane at +856-30 5258 850. I bought two Lao silk skirts from them and the quality is superb.

  4. hi, i’m interesting to buy some dresses from you.  what’s the price list and how to  order.  please let me know.

  5. Hi Mor Vang,

    I don’t sell Lao dresses but you can contact Melisa Phamai in Vientiane (phone number above) to inquire about buying from them. I bought their silk product and is very happy with the quality and prices.

  6. I like to know how much is a laos sinh wedding dress, and how can I buy one?

  7. Hi Vivian,

    Sorry for the late reply. I was in Laos for a month and missed your comment when I got back.

    I don’t know the exact price of a Lao wedding dress. Please contact Ethnic Market in Vientiane and see if the shop can help you find what you are looking for. Shipping to where you are is extra of course.

    Contact info: Noi (Ethnic Market) beside the main post office and also at Vangthong Night Plaza.

    Tel: (856) 21 219-176
    Mobile: (856) 20 52243-363

    You can also check with Organic Farm Shop at Vangthong Night Plaza for Lao silk dress and have it make for you at a very reasonable price.

    Contact info: Champa.
    Tel: (856) 21 215-157 
    Mobile: (856) 20 55522-002


  8. are you selling any of those fabrics? i am interested.

  9. Hi MM,

    I don’t sell them but please contact the people listed above if you are interested in buying the fabrics.

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  11. Hi, I came upon this website and wondering where or who can I contact to purchase a lao wedding dress. Im gettting married next year and wanted to be prepared. I dont want to buy the fabrics from here because it doesnt look that nice. Please let me know where to purchase the dress.

  12. Hi Nang,

    Please contact either Noi or Champa. Their phone numbers is listed above. Good luck and I hope you’ll find a perfect Lao wedding dress with beautiful matching top and prabieng.

  13. Hello,

    I’m interested buying the laos wedding dress . who do i need to content on the price on it


  14. Hi Noui,

    Please contact Noi (Ethnic Market). Tel: (856) 21 219-176, Mobile: (856) 20 52243-363.

    Or Champa at Vang Vieng Organic Farm Shop. Tel: (856) 21 215-157, Mobile: (856) 20 55522-002.

  15. Hi Sao Darly,
    I stumbled upon your website while looking for the right “sihn” for my fiancee.  I’ve heard that sometimes people from Luang Prabang wear gold and black, which is where my family is from.  But some people say black is not a good color.  Is gold and black acceptable for wedding sihn?  You seem to be very knowledgeable culturally based on your posts and I would love to hear your insight.  Great blog!

  16. Hi Mike,

    What the bride and groom wear for the wedding in Laos is based on their theme color. They pretty much choose what they want to wear. Many of the guests follow the theme color or choose to wear what they have. I’ve seen a bride with charcoal sinh with gold diamond pattern and gold top with matching charcoal sash.

    You can have gold sinh with black diamond pattern to soften the dark theme and gold top. If you want black sinh, then have gold top. The bottom of the sinh should be gold and have big gold pattern all over the sinh to soften the look. The sash should be of gold silk thread.

    Congratulations and best of wish to the both of you in planning your perfect wedding.

  17. Love the tops and dresses. Is there a way of purchasing these items. Please let me know… Thankx

  18. Hi Summer,

    I don’t sell any of these but have listed a few of contacts above for anyone interesting in purchasing the items in the above comments. I didn’t visit more of the shops in Vientiane the last time I was in Laos but I’ll post more info if I found out more places that have these outfits in store.

  19. to contact the people that do sell these sinhs.. do they speak english well?

  20. I think they speak good enough English for running a business that caters to both tourists and local people.

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